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10/27/06 05:16 pm - keesa_renee - En finis!

My outline is now finished. :beams: 51150 estimated words...but I aimed low with my estimates. :-D

Now. When is November coming, again?

9/1/06 10:04 pm - keesa_renee - It's Coming!!

NaNoWriMo is in EXACTLY two months. Are we ready for it?!?!

10/3/05 08:13 am - keesa_renee - Server Problems and Other October Woes

So Nano's new server crashed the first day. :-/ I'm quite disappointed about that, but I suppose it couldn't be helped; it's supposed to be back up by tomorrow (at which time I will be working, and won't be able to access it; go figure).

With Day 3 of October upon us, it's time to get serious about outlining. Once I have more of an idea of where I'm going, then I'll start working out the Snowflake (which worked beautifully last year!) and using Excell to outline every single scene, in detail. That also worked well. I never got stuck last year, wondering where I was going or how to get from point A to Point C; there was Point B, clearly placed in the middle. Hopefully I can do that again this year.

All in all, though, I must say I'm excited about Nano being so close!

5/2/05 06:14 pm - keesa_renee

I sat down the other day and asked myself what I disliked the most about Loria's Training. The answer? I didn't have an opportunity to really show (not just tell) how much Stella's death affected Loria. I did the best I could, in sentences and hints (the crystal shard, for example, that 'looked for all the world like a single drop of blood that she could never wash away'.)

My idea (which may or may not work) is to interweave Loria's Training with another story, focusing on Loria later in life. I'm a little reluctant to do that, because Loria's Training then becomes backstory...but it may actually be good for the book. And since I did start with the idea that Loria's Training would be the story, it will certainly be the most detailed backstory I've ever written!

Anyway, we shall see. I'm looking forward to working on it (but I plan to keep my original version of Loria's Training untouched, just in case I end up really hating the new version.)

1/29/05 10:46 pm - emma_lb - new story

Ok, I know that Namo is over ... and that i failed. But now my exams are over I think I would like to attempt to write something. There is a dream i had ages ago, which i once tried to write a story about (few years ago), but I didn't get very far. But I think I'll try again. :-) So... uh... if this journal is not totally dead I'd like to post here about my progress.

11/23/04 05:59 pm - emma_lb - :-(

argh, not been online for ages, not been at my pc for ages either - so nothing more has been added to the book in all those days. I think I can say that I won't finish it by the end of November for sure now, but it was still fun, I never thought I would get more than 10.000 words written, i hopefully I can finish when I leave school. I don't think I should write any more now, my finals are only a few weeks away and just failed a maths test, a warning sign that I've not been paying enough attention in class. Hmm... why is it so difficult to concentrate on school work though? :-S

11/15/04 04:47 pm - keesa_renee - Wow. When did that happen?

At 10:38 a.m., November 15, 2004, Stella of Iselias officially died. At 10:41 a.m., three minutes and 145 words later, my story ended. It was 54,348 words long, and took 15 days to write, plus two and a half weeks to outline.

And it shall not rest in peace! :evil laugh: My inner editor is already breaking out the red pens; I went back to look at my word count, and she had me change "but" to "and".

Gotta love the editor! :-D

11/14/04 03:29 pm - keesa_renee

The story is winding down to a close. I'm in my last couple of scenes, and they're fairly flying. Not many words--not that it matters anymore, since I've passed my quota--and they're being written quickly. I think I'll probably be finished today or tomorrow.

It's a good feeling, but also a very poignant one. I don't really want the story to end; I'd love to be able to keep chatting about all the frustrations of trying to get my characters to do what I want them to for...well, forever.

But it is a good feeling to be this close to being finished.

11/13/04 03:54 pm - keesa_renee - Green bar...

Wow. I'm almost at 50k. (Another 200 words...ten minutes work if I would quit typing this and write the next 200 words of my story.) Quite frankly, though, I'm afraid to do that. I don't want to get my green bar! :-( :deep sigh:

I can't put it off much longer, though. The story is going so well right now! The next few words just beg to be written...I guess I might as well write them. And it's such a touching scene...Loria is just about to set off to discover the truth about this strange army that's suddenly appeared in the hills to the north, not knowing that they're actually a ruse to lure her out of the school so that Stella can destroy the crystal. And Stella doesn't think that she'll ever see Loria again, and she feels terribly, terribly guilty about killing her. So, yeah. A good scene. And it's begging to be written....

Oh, okay. I'll write it.

11/12/04 06:32 pm - keesa_renee

Well, I'm over 45k words now. It's partly a good feeling, and partly not a good feeling.

I don't want to make it over 50k halfway through the month. :-/ I don't want to have my bar go green while my friends' are still blue...sometimes still under 10k.

I must be the strangest person in the world. I've worked so hard all month to get to this point, and now that I'm almost there, I don't want to be there.

Maybe I just won't update my word count for a few days...not that that would really help. :heavy sigh: Will I ever get this right?

You guys go ahead and feel bad because your word counts aren't as high as you want them to be. I'm just going to sit here for a while and feel bad because mine is. :-/
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