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11/12/04 06:10 am - keesa_renee

Well, my novel is starting to pick up the pace. This is the part I've been looking forward to and dreading at the same time; when we get into the plot and things start moving. It seems almost criminal to write long-winded description during an action scene, but how else am I supposed to pad my wordcount? :wonders briefly if she has enough straight story left for 7k words:

Oh, well. I'll do what I can, and if nothing else, it's already novel-length. (40k and up counts as a short novel, NOT a novella, according to SFWA. And since this is fantasy, that's good enough for me. :-D )

I'm just worried about what's going to happen when I cut out all those superfluous words. :-D

11/10/04 09:50 pm - emma_lb - strange scenes...

am I the only one adding strange scenes just for word count when I can't think of anything else to write? Alan was at his coronation feast and i had no idea what to write about the feast at all, so instead I had him talk about a tapestry, eh...

So eh... back to the scene:

“That tapestry, which is hanging in the corner over there? Do you have any idea who it’s by?”
he asked her and pointed at it.
“You mean the one with sheep that’s about to eat the red flower?”
“Yes that one.” Alan said beaming.
“I’m afraid I don’t recognise the style, but I think I should be able to find out for you, if you whish?”
“That would be very kind indeed.”
Lady Ripai walked towards the wall and inspected the tapestry closer. “Interesting.” she murmured.
“I always liked it.” Alan said. He didn’t really know what else to say, as he did not really know a lot about the fine points of tapestry knotting.
“I always call it ‘Life is short’ – seems to me to be a fitting title for the tapestry.”
“What? Oh, sorry, I was taking a look at the knotting. Hmm... yes, I can see how you might title it thus. The sheep will die if it eats the flower?”
“Most certainly. You can see the cliff crumbling beneath its feet as it approaches the flower.” he had wondered for hours sometimes whether or not the cliff really would give way, but he’d come the conclusion that who ever made it would certainly want you to think that the sheep would die. But the thing was that it never did. It was stuck in that one moment of time just before its death.
“It’s not that old from what I can tell, the artist might still be alive. I’ll do my best to find out what I can for you.”
“Thank you so much, Lady Ripai.” Alan said.

eh... does it sound really, really, really, really strange? :-S lol, I only just read what I wrote, I'm busy laughing my head off.

only this is what the tapestry looks like in RL ;-):


My story is littered which such trash. :-P

11/10/04 03:49 pm - amantis - Slacky!

I feel so behind compared to some of you...:(

I've got nearly 2000 words now though! :D

But the downside of it is that I don't feel funny enough. Will probably make an entry later with a few excerpts that I've got so far.


11/10/04 05:10 am - keesa_renee - Oh, dear.

I killed Maura last night. It was a nice, quick, painless death, not at all unpleasant, just a very old woman stepping aside for the plot.

UNfortunately, now Loria won't stop throwing up. :frowns: I'm glad she feels so deeply, I really do. But...er...she's slowing down my plot...

11/8/04 06:24 am - keesa_renee

What's a girl to do?

I'm getting a job today, or I may be. Stella and Loria have just had a long discussion about swords, instead of the topic I had selected for them. I've written barely a hundred words in the last hour.


Motivation, where are thou?

The bright side is that this scene will be nearly double what I had slated it for originally. That's always a good thing. Stella and Loria did eventually get it back together (come to think of it, their discussion may have been what pushed this scene up to double it's ewc...), and Loria is beginning to feel "mildly disturbed" by Stella's reticent. Good things, all!

But I should be over 30k by now...

11/8/04 12:18 am - emma_lb - Random words by me :-P

8000 words... am I hopelessly behind on my word count? I half fear it when I take a look at Keesa’s... hehehe ;-) I know I should not compare myself to you though, but I should have 1200 words, so I’m a whole 4000 behind. Raya’s idea of not reading what you’re written so far is a really good one and I’m trying to stick to it, but it’s hard sometimes. I like to get things perfect, I want to know if what I’ve written so far actually makes any sense at all... right now I fear it might not hehehe. I am surprised to tell the truth though that I’ve even got this far. I really want to get this finished, but I sort of had a feeling it would end at 2000 words and i’d never get anywhere near finishing it. 16% is a bit encouraging, I don’t think I’d have got this far without the spreadsheet though, thanks Raya for posting the link! lol, it’s addictive, I keep updating my wordcount on it every 5 min. :-P, sometimes even when I’ve only managed to write 50 words.
Ok, this is just random, but I’m a bit stuck right now with the story, I’ve got to sleep a bit on it I think. :-) good night every one.

11/6/04 07:06 am - keesa_renee - How to Effectively Write 2 or 3 Times Your Daily Word Count Goal...

1. You must have no life. This is important because it frees up time and relieves guilt. Having only an online life works, because browsing forums and chatting on AIM make for nice procrastination tools, but you can't stay online all day (if you're me).

2. You must only browse in the "This is Working Out Better than I Expected" forum, where people with word counts of 55 or 60k (who have less of a life than you do) will manage to make you feel lousy about your word count even though it is double what you need. Then you race back to your Word document to prove them wrong.

3. You must stop posting in LiveJournal and go back to writing your actual novel. Posting excerpts you've already written does not count.

11/5/04 04:15 pm - keesa_renee

20,000 WORDS!!!

:looks proud:

I can't believe I got so much written today...I never expected to. For one thing, I've really been dreading the current scene. I had it slotted in for 5000 words, but I still dont think I'm going to make that; maybe 3 or 4000 if I'm lucky. (Although, you never know...there are still a few things left I can describe, if I put my mind to it...) BUt the last scene...wowzers. It was over 5000 words, almost 6000, and it was only supposed to be 3000. So, if I make it to 3000 with this troublesome scene, I should be balanced, and not have to dip into the little extras on my other scene-counts...hehe. I don't know if any of that made sense, but I'm too tired and happy to care.

And Eden's Bridge, Gordon Lightfoot, Enya and The Cathedrals have all been my kind companions over the course of the day. (Except, I was foolish enough to listen to Enya's 'Wild Child' and that made me want to go outside...so I did. In the end, though, it was probably a good thing, since I had a nice long ramble in the woods, and came back refreshed and ready to write some more. I think I need a different chair, though...this one's making my back hurt.)

Much better. It really is important to have the right chair...I don't know why Mamma insists on using that yellow one. It's the completely wrong shape for sitting at the computer.

11/4/04 06:48 pm - keesa_renee


I'm feeling good about my novel again. I was worried when I missed so much of my writing time today, particularly this morning, when I usually get most of my work done, but it's looking as though I should easily make it over 15,000 words total, so I'm happy.

Of course, I'd be even happier if I could make it over 20,000, but I'm not setting that as a goal. I want to get to bed on time tonight, and I still have to clean the kitchen.

PLus, while this scene is already some 500 words over my estimate, my next scene is estimated at 5000 words, and I'm just not sure that I can make it that far in a single scene. I already know the trouble I had making some scenes, and the more I think about it, the more I think that I overestimated what I could get out of this next scene. But, we shall see when I start writing it. I do expect to spent a lot of time agonizing over what else I can add to make it longer, and that means that I can't get it written out quickly.

11/3/04 10:14 pm - emma_lb - argh... not enough words

:-S My word count is only 3.137, I'm a bit far behind really. Raya said it helped her to just write down the problems she's having maybe he same will be true for me. I'm a bit stuck with my story. I just hate ending scenes, most of them end the middle of the scene really, I'm never sure how to finish them so I just say a short sentence to end it when actually I feel myself that they need a bit more. Oh well, if only that were my biggest problem. I'm unsure about my characters, not sure if I can get them to be proper characters, they seem so flat at the moment. I also don't have enough dialogue... could that be why my characters seem flat? Cause I'm just not finding ways for them to talk? Hehehe, I'm not very far into the story yet, but I'm already forgetting things... when I started writing today I couldn't remember if Alan was even king yet for not! :-O
But I suppose 3.137 words isn't too bad ;-). More than 100 :-P
I'm unsure about my character Krystaed too. He seems to be turning into a major character, I've written much more about him than about Alan now.
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