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november_novels's Journal

November Novels
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This is a community started by a group of friends who decided to take on the NaNoWriMo challenge for the first time this year. We just wanted some space to share the progress of our novels with an intimate circle of fellow November novelists, the idea being to have our work closely followed and commented on by a few others (for whom we return the favour). It's a place to post outlines, notes, thoughts, excerpts, word counts, frustrated rants - anything, really, which tells how you're getting on!

Fair warning to the public: many of the posts here are friends-only. Not that any elitism or unfriendliness is intended; we just want to maintain an intimate, tell-everything-and-anything feel, and many writers will tell you that publicly posting your plot synopses or large excerpts of your work-in-progress is not a good idea...

Other NaNoWriMo participants who like the idea of this community are free to join, but do bear in mind that joining does not automatically entitle you to see everyone else's posts.