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Green bar...

Wow. I'm almost at 50k. (Another 200 words...ten minutes work if I would quit typing this and write the next 200 words of my story.) Quite frankly, though, I'm afraid to do that. I don't want to get my green bar! :-( :deep sigh:

I can't put it off much longer, though. The story is going so well right now! The next few words just beg to be written...I guess I might as well write them. And it's such a touching scene...Loria is just about to set off to discover the truth about this strange army that's suddenly appeared in the hills to the north, not knowing that they're actually a ruse to lure her out of the school so that Stella can destroy the crystal. And Stella doesn't think that she'll ever see Loria again, and she feels terribly, terribly guilty about killing her. So, yeah. A good scene. And it's begging to be written....

Oh, okay. I'll write it.
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