keesa_renee (keesa_renee) wrote in november_novels,

Server Problems and Other October Woes

So Nano's new server crashed the first day. :-/ I'm quite disappointed about that, but I suppose it couldn't be helped; it's supposed to be back up by tomorrow (at which time I will be working, and won't be able to access it; go figure).

With Day 3 of October upon us, it's time to get serious about outlining. Once I have more of an idea of where I'm going, then I'll start working out the Snowflake (which worked beautifully last year!) and using Excell to outline every single scene, in detail. That also worked well. I never got stuck last year, wondering where I was going or how to get from point A to Point C; there was Point B, clearly placed in the middle. Hopefully I can do that again this year.

All in all, though, I must say I'm excited about Nano being so close!
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